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Women's Ministry

An opportunity for women to gather together to share in the struggles and joys of life.  At PBF we have weekly Bible studies just for women as well as annual events.  Our leadership works as a team with different individuals taking crucial lead roles throughout the year.  Each year we have an offsite women's retreat, a Christmas dessert and another large event in the spring.  Smaller scale opportunities to connect and share with other women will happen throughout the year.  Consider being a part of the directional team or just jump in to an event and bring a friend.  Connecting women with serving, coaching/mentoring and other opportunities to grow is a big part of where we are going.  Contact us for more information.


Women's Bible Studies- Winter '18
Childcare available by reservation for all Tuesday morning studies


Gospel of John
by John
Tuesday 9:30 am
Continuring February 7th with Joy Rueb

Bible Study for women based in Gospel of John.   It is considered one of the most beloved books of the Bible because it presents us with such the clear picture of the character of Jesus and His relationship to God the Father, and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Its grand themes sweep with the breath of eternity: Truth, Grace, Light, Way, Life.  But at the same time, as seen in the encounters of Jesus’ with individuals, it is deeply personal and challenging.

John speaks to the minds and hearts of those seeking to know Jesus for the first time and also to those who have walked with Him for many years and want to discover a renewal of Jesus’ call to the discipleship, fellowship and love.

The Patriarchs
by Beth Moore  
Tuesday 9:30 am
Starting September 12th with Carol Caldwell

This study is a journey through Genesis 12-50 exploring concepts such as blessing, covenant, and promise. Discover God's pursuit of relationship and the unfolding of His earthly plan.


Beloved Disciple: The Life and Ministry of John by Beth Moore
Tuesday 9:30 am
Continuing September 12th with Billie Malone

Every disciple and early follower of Christ left a legacy for future believers. John's legacy was love. Perhaps like no other disciple, John understood that relationship is the point. Every command of Christ and call to obedience is to enhance relationship and place the recipient in a posture the Giver can bless. This study is about finding our way to the heart of Jesus and reclining so closely that our pulse begins to throb in tandem, loving what He loves and hating what He hates.

Newcomers are welcome to explore the life of the apostle John in this continuing study. John left a legacy of divine love to ignite passion in future believers and encourage hope and victory in the Lord.


boundaries The Boundaries Study-FULL CLASS
Tuesday, 9:30 AM

Starting January 9th, with Bethany Dieringer

If you've ever wondered how to reclaim your life in the midst of relationships that take a toll on your energy, say no to overwhelming obligations, or just getting tired of feeling as if your life is out of control, this class might be for you. We will be exploring and applying the biblical principles found in Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life written by Christian psychologists Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. Stewart Townsend.



New Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study starts March 6th from 9:30am-11:30am, Rm 210,
"God's Healing in Grief" by Ron and Kathleen Duncan || Lead by Kriss Leadbetter
We all experience varying amounts of grief due to life's hardships, but God desires to comfort us by His Living Word so we can learn to trust Him even in our sadness. This study guides participants through ways to Biblically deal with grief and experience God's healing.
If you are interested in taking this class please visit amazon.com to obtain the book needed for this study and register for the class online at peninsulabible.org"

Thursday Evening

Cultural Ideas About God: How Christianity Differs From Marxism, Secularism and Other Common Worldviews
Thursday, 6:30 PM

Starting January 11th, with Val Otheim

As Christians, we are called to be “salt and light in the world,” but how do we do this in a culture of competing worldviews and ideas? To develop a healthy biblical faith and engage in respectful discussions with those who hold other beliefs, we need theologically informed thinking. In this eight-week seminar, we will cultivate biblical thinking about the nature of God, human identity, meaning of life, and basis for hope. We will also connect these theological ideas to the love, healing, purpose, and peace found in Jesus as we compare the teachings of Secularism, Islam, and Mormonism with the truth and grace of the gospel.


“All In Orphan Care” - a study lead by Jessica Ormond (A licensed foster mom) 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Are you interested in the practical implications of foster care looks like? What does the Bible say about caring for orphans? What are the gospel parallels between orphan care and our adoption in Christ?