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Wellspring Ministry

The Wellspring Ministry

The Winter Session begins Tuesday, January 16th in the Fireside Room!

Sessions are held on Tuesdays, from 6:30PM - 8PM.  No registration is necessary and this class has NO fee. Come check out the first class with no obligation!  Consistent attendance is important for you and the others in the group.  Donations are encouraged.

This class is open to anyone who is a believer who wants to walk closer to the Lord and live a life that is pleasing to Him, brings glory to Him, and increased joy and peace to you!

About Wellspring...Wellspring is led by Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow and is meant to educate, energize, equip and empower God’s people to grow and experience a more abundant life in Christ Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. To be a light in a dark world spreading the light and love of Christ in one’s home, community, and in the world, by being in this world but not of this world.



The Wellspring Ministry- Mission Statement

To educate, energize, equip and empower God’s people to heal, grow and experience a more abundant life in Christ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To be a light in a dark world spreading the love of Christ in one’s home, community and in the world.

Foundational Verse:  Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

Romans 12:2

The Wellspring Ministry

PBF  winter Session   Physical Wellness   8 week session

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow, LMP, CC


Class 1 January 16th

WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION.  We will discuss the foundational principles of the session, and also have some interactive discussion about what makes a great small group. We’ll get to know one another a bit, and read through the syllabus so everyone knows what to expect moving forward. There is no requirement to attend after this class, rather just opportunity to see if it is for you!       Romans 12:2

Class 2  January  23rd

Foundations, goal setting, the triad, & small steps to eating well for life! We’ll review the Foundational principles along with each of our responsibility to make this group great. We will explore the desires of our hearts, and where we have a “divine dissatisfaction”

with the way some things are. We’ll bring those things into prayer and goal setting. There will be time allotted for those who wish to share what their goals are and to have the group assist with clarity if necessary.  We will learn the 3 basic things we must do to begin the journey towards obtaining optimal physical health and wellbeing. We will begin to keep food journals to obtain a baseline to see what we really put in our bodies so we can assess strengths in our diet, and what we ought to change. We’ll discuss why diets don’t work in the long run and how we can choose to not be “on a diet” again. We’ll talk about foods  that nourish our bodies and promote good health. Corinthians 6:19-20                                    Romans 12:1

NOTE: We ask for a commitment by the end of the 2nd class if you choose to remain with us for this winter session. We close off the class after class 3 to others so we can establish trust and safety.

Class 3  January 30th

Keeping the FAAT you want, and getting rid of the fat you don’t ! We’ll discuss why engaging in weekly if not daily fitness is so important to your health. You’ll be introduced to a proven method to be able to create a personalized fitness plan that you can live with for life. We’ll discuss what FAAT is and how to incorporate it into your everyday life in a way that makes sense for you! There will be time allowed for you to begin your own plan during class.

Lamentations 3:22-23

Class 4-  February 6th

Emotional Eating, Over Eating, Obesity and the Standard American Diet ( SAD) We’ll take a look at what motivates us to eat for reasons other than hunger, and learn tools to help us become more intentional about what we eat, when and why. We’ll discuss the plight of our nation: overfed and undernourished and discuss simple ways you can avoid falling into some common traps. Lastly, we’ll put food back into its proper perspective as God designed- something pleasurable and nourishing. 

Genesis 1:29

Class 5 February 13th

Stress and Stress Triggers- How to manage yours effectively. Learning to cope effectively with stress is essential to our health and wellbeing. We will learn about different types of stress and how to identify which one is affecting you. We’ll discuss why chronic stress is so problematic for your health and equip you with tools to manage it more effectively.

Mathew 6:26-27

Class 6- February 20th

Brain Health / Brain Habits

Learn the brain habits that are keeping your stuck and the habits that can help you stay healthy and age gracefully. Learn which foods help your brain to do its job well into your golden years. We will address our  thinking and the behaviors we choose that move us toward health and wellbeing vs. those that move us toward fatigue, premature aging and disease. We’ll discuss the power of our thinking and learn to deal more effectively with the negative thoughts that fill our internal dialogue. We’ll learn to become better equipped to choose our thoughts to shift our feelings and actions.

Proverbs 23:7

Class 7 February 27th

Sleep, Hydration and Energy Renewal

Learn why most Americans are sleep deprived and how this is hurting our health. We will learn what good sleep hygiene entails and why it is important to overall health.  We’ll discuss hydration and the consequences of dehydration to both physical and mental health. Lastly, we’ll discuss the importance of alternating energy expenditure with energy renewal and ways to incorporate these things into our busy lives. We’ll also learn about the correlation between time and energy management.

Psalms 23:3

Class 8  March 6th

Potluck celebration and sharing

We all share a healthy dish to celebrate all that we have learned and accomplished. We take time to share about our individual growth journey, how our faith has been impacted, and we discuss ways to keep the changes and progress going moving forward.  We have a brief evaluation and discussion of what’s available next for the Wellspring ministry.

Psalms 51:10-12  John 7:37-39  Luke 5 36:39


CLASS 9  March 20th

Field Trip- In search of Real Food!

We’ll meet at a local grocery store armed with our lists of favorite foods  along with books that tell us what is really in some of our favorite brands. We’ll learn what ingredients are beneficial and what things we ought to stay away from in order to enjoy good health. We’ll discover healthier brands to replace some of our family staples, and we’ll become well versed at label reading.  This traditionally has been one of the favorite classes for participants!



What people are saying about this Ministry....


A. “ The idea of having little rewards for small victories along the way”

“ The idea that I am precious to God, no matter what the world says. This was amazing for me to figure out and has influenced my self talk immensely.”

“Reducing my stress, and coming to terms with my family of origin”

“Thank you- It ( this class) has helped me realize how interconnected my spiritual
Life needs to be and how God made us.”

Lisa H.

“ That Jesus gets to define my values and worth, not others, not the world culture, and not my past.”
Ai Ling

“ Understanding how our spirituality, physical and emotional life all work together- not separate like I had been doing”

“ I came broken- I finished healed”

“ Coming out of a challenge/ trial in my current life stronger and happier”

“I have had tremendous growth in all areas…”

“Awareness of the healing power of prayer…”


A. “ Do it- you won’t regret it. Great support system”

“Class is filled with really helpful and practical lessons on top of the Biblical/Scriptural studies.”

“ Just come and check it out with an open mind and an open heart”

“ There are so many facets to the ministry. I think there is something beneficial for everyone.”

“ Absolutely! We all have something to learn about ourselves and where we are going
And are we following God and His plan for us”

“ Yes, because so much explored in class is not taught or spoken, but we see the fallout and bad fruit as a result of unhealthy relating.”

“ I would recommend this to a friend / co-worker cause its information that’s necessary for life”

“It was very helpful…lots of great ideas”

“Absolutely! Even if you come expecting to get nothing, you will walk away with change to almost everything.”

“ Yes, because people are so confused, so ready to get answers to life and how to solve problems.”