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Upcoming Classes

Think Theology

"Think Theology" is a class designed to give you an introduction to (and discussion around) important theological topics. This session of Think Theology covers:

  • Pneumatology: What is the deal with the Holy Spirit? (Oct. 14)
  • Soterology: How does salvation work? (Oct. 21)
  • Ecclesiology: How is a church supposed to work? (Oct. 28)
  • Missiology: What is God's ultimate mission? (Nov. 4)
  • Eschatology: How do I understand the 'end times'? (Nov. 11)

Each class will be on a Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm in the main sanctuary.

October 14 - November 11
Sundays at 1:00pm
(in the Sanctuary)




The Church and Politics

"The Church and Politics - How Should a Christian Engage?" is a 2-part class NOT on who or what to vote for, but on how a Christian ought to engage.

October 21 & October 28
during the 10:30am service
(in the Log Cabin)