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Think Theology

“Love the Lord your God with all your…mind." - Jesus (Matthew 22:37)

“Think Theology” is a series of classes offered at Peninsula Bible Fellowship for the purpose of knowing and loving God. Classes are offered from 11:00AM-12:05 during the third service on campus.

Please RSVP here if you’d like to attend or email Josh at josh.kluth@peninsulabible.org.

This Spring’s topics (April 23 - May 28):
  1. The Doctrine of Angels, Demons, and (the) Satan: Do angels fly? Do demons have pitchforks? Is the devil hiding behind every rock? Did “the devil make me do it"?
  2. The Doctrine of Man: What does it mean to be human and what does it mean that people bear the image of God? What does it mean when people say that “lives matter”?
  3. The Doctrine of Sin: Is sin just an outdated concept bringing unnecessary guilt and shame?  What is the origin of sin? And what are its effects?
  4. The Doctrine of Christ: Who is Jesus and why is he unique? How do we understand him?
  5. The Doctrine of the Atonement: What did Jesus do and why does it matter? What does it mean that Jesus came, lived, died, and rose again for us?


Past “Think Theology” topics included:
  1. What is Prolegomena?
  2. The Doctrine of Scripture
  3. The Doctrine of  God
  4. The Doctrine of the Trinity
  5. The Doctrine of Creation
  6. The Doctrine of Prayer