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Men's Retreat

mens retreat

UPDATE: Where do I go when I arrive?

When you arrive at Fort Worden, head to Bldg 225. Its the last building on the left side of the Parade grounds (big open field). It's a big 2 story bldg, it's white/green trim, and park around back. We will have a grill setup making dogs and burgers for you for dinner that night. Our gatherings will be held in bldg 204, next to the commons (where we eat most of our meals). The first gathering is at 7pm.

Address of Fort Worden is

October 20th - 22nd, 2017 (Friday - Sunday)

This year we are looking forward to another exciting, fun and challenging and at the same time, restful, weekend at Fort Worden in Port Townsend for our annual Men's Retreat. The retreat is a fantastic opportunity to get to know some other guys, get away from the stress' of life and take some time to reflect.  Our guest speaker this year will be Chaplain Carey Cash.

Living "Outside the Wire" - a common and well-known term for Marines and Soldiers - outside the wire means outside the safety of a base and engaging the enemy, engaging with the populace and making real headway.  The idea that the spiritual life is not meant to be lived holed up in a life of easy and passivity but engaged -as disciples, husbands, fathers, men.


COST: $139 unitl Oct. 1st. 

Registration forms are available at the Welcome Desk or click HERE to register online.

Some common questions:

  • Do I have to share a room with a bunch of guys? No, most guys will get their own room. There are some rooms that have two beds that you can choose to share with friends or others.
  • Is this a retreat where we sit around and talk about feelings all weekend? Maybe? Not really. This is not that kind of retreat. There will be times for you to hear God speak, to process what God wants for your life, to get to know other guys, and to be real in a place where people accept you.  There is lots of free time for you to explore bunkers, take long walks, play football, disc golf, ride bikes, explore Port Townsend etc....
  • What time does it start? Dinner and registration is from 5-7pm Friday night(October 20th). The first gathering starts at 7pm. The retreat is over at 11am on Sunday (October 22nd).

Any other questions, please contact Pastor Jason Caldwell or call the church office at 360-509-8156