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Checking In & Out

Our environment must be safe. One way to accomplish the safety of our kids arriving and leaving is to have a secure check-in and out system. All parents with children who will be attending PBF Kids must check them in using the Check-in computers located in the Cascade foyer. Every child should have a nametag with a matching number label for the parents to keep.

Parents, don't lose your number tag! You will need it for checking your child out of their room.

Checking In
ASSISTED station (Cascade foyer only): For those who are new, or having trouble checking in, we will help you get your kids registered and signed in. Once you’re in the system you can use either computer next time you’re here.

GOOD TO GO station (available in Olympic and Cascade foyers): For those already in our system, simply type in your phone number or use your barcode tag. If the line is long and no one is at the “assisted” computer, feel free to go to that one and scan your barcode, type in your phone number or your name.

If you do not have a barcode tag and would like one, please ask for help at the ASSISTED station.

Please walk your kids to their rooms. PBF Kids starts at the same time the service starts. If you value having your family all together for the first couple of songs in the worship service, feel free to do that, then walk them to their rooms at the greeting/announcement time.

Checking Out
Kids need to be picked up by a parent WITH the number tag they received at check-in. No child will be given to someone without a number tag. If you have lost your number, you will need to go back to the check-in station and ask a staff person for a reprint of your number. You may be asked to show ID to make sure you are the parent listed in the system. An older sibling (Middle School or older) or adult friend may also pick up your kids as long as you have given them your number tag.