Birthday Party for Jesus

For  Preschool to 5th Grade - during the 9:30 & 11:00 services

We are throwing a birthday party for Jesus! After checking in, kids will go straight to their rooms (instead of going to service like usual). We'll be playing some party games in our small groups, hearing the story of Jesus birth in large group, making a cool craft and having cupcakes. Please bring a gift from the list below. We want to bless babies and new moms through donating gifts to Pregnancy Resource Services again this year. PRS supports women in crisis pregnancy situations.

The greatest need is clothes, socks, pajamas for toddlers and diapers size 5 & 6.

Below is a list of suggestions to bring:

For infants: small velcro bibs, warm sleep sacks, regular sleepers, baby towels

For toddlers: in addition to above, small stuffed animals (8-10"), books

For Moms: small gifts, small picture frames, monetary donations to go towards car seats

Please bring gifts in gift bags - not wrapped.


*FYI: We will be serving cupcakes. Provide an alternate treat if your child has food allergies.